We focus on sourcing of quality products, exporting, importing and third country trading

How It Works

Sourcing high-quality products

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Who we are

Papabash Ventures is a registered entity in Ghana since 14-07-2006.

We focus on sourcing of quality products, exporting, importing and third-country trading as core activities and use overseas marketing and infrastructure as well as procurement networks to service both our suppliers and customers.

Our partnership with world-acclaimed best brands is managed with a capable professional team, robust infrastructure and strong delivery system to ensure availability of products.

The firm is poised to excel in the distribution, marketing and supply chain management through the import and distribution of products covering hospital supplies, large and small port machinery, furniture and office supplies, appliances, medical supplies, construction machinery and general supplies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading trade house and continue to ensure that our goods meet and exceed all international standards and that products are safe for their intended use.

Our expertise gives us the edge in sourcing, it enables us to increase our client’s profitability and ensure that our clients will get quality products to suit their needs now in the future.

Our effort for total customer satisfaction is driven by the principles of ethical business approach, strong communication and negotiation skills, sound buyer-seller relationship and above all, loyalty and commitment to our business.

Our Mission

The ethos of the company is to promote itself through the provision of value for money commissions and to provide quality service to our clients as economically as possible. We aim to maintain the highest standards in the execution of our work as we constantly seek to meet and work to the specification of our clients and consultants.

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P.O.BOX KT 172